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Teodor Ionita

I’m a passionate Open Source advocate and C++ developer, UNIX head and occasionally sysadmin. I’m also deeply interested and involved in systems, network and information security as an independent researcher and aficionado.

I cast a wide range of interest and experience in programming and scripting languages, operating systems, network and web technologies, with a rather strong focus on systems, network and application development on Unix flavors and cross-platform technologies.

I’ve been called an OSS head at least once, thus I tend to think of myself as a passionate Open Source community member, and an eager contributor to several FLOSS communities/projects like the LibreOffice, Nmap Security Suite, Openwall, the Qt project and MariaDB of course. I also try and play my part via technical blogging, participation at events and conferences, as well as involvement in knowledge and code exchange based communities like StackOverflow and GitHub.

As a seeder to the Open Source ecosystem I authored several tools, a front-end to John the Ripper password security testing suite and a cross-platform desktop application for the Tarsnap secure online backup service.

I joined the MariaDB Foundation early 2018 as a Software Developer. I am also eager to contribute to the security aspect of MariaDB (having crafted a Responsible Disclosure policy and published our HackerOne bug bounty program) and also took on the initiative of setting up a fresh and modern instance of Buildbot for our ever growing needs for Testing and Continuous Integration on all supported platforms.

I maintain a personal website at and a blog here. I tweet at @shinn0k.

You can reach me on, at teodor [at] mariadb dot org or using the Shinnok handle on #maria freenode irc channel.

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