MariaDB Community Ambassadors

MariaDB Community Ambassadors are experienced contributors to the MariaDB and MySQL ecosystem who are responsible for representing, promoting and expanding the use of MariaDB and its ideals in public and to the larger open source community.


The MariaDB Community consists of people interested in one of the many projects that MariaDB has to offer. The community is more than just hacking on an SQL database - it involves promoting free software/open source software, The Hacking Business Model and MariaDB.


What do MariaDB Community Ambassadors do?

Quite simply, a MariaDB Community Ambassador ensures that people can consistently explain what MariaDB is, why the project can help them and how they can help the project.

Generally this involves:

  • setting the marketing and evangelism strategy for the MariaDB project, to promote the usage and support of MariaDB worldwide
  • supporting the efforts of the MariaDB project to spread MariaDB by providing a central repository of ideas, information and content that can be used to deliver MariaDB to new audiences
  • maintain a press kit and press releases on behalf of the MariaDB community. You will also largely be the press contact in your region for spreading MariaDB
  • participating in events to spread the word
  • helping with the branding of the MariaDB project
  • holding MariaDB/MySQL/Data Meetups on a monthly basis
  • attending weekly conference calls to help you expand your reach
  • participating in the ambassadors mailing list
  • understanding the Hacking Business Model, and if people want to help start companies where all people are equal, Monty Program will gladly assist in making it so!

Who's Involved

The MariaDB Community Ambassadors are all volunteers and are segmented by region.

How does one get involved?

  • Help spread the news about all development updates, releases, new projects and events related to MariaDB. It is also a good idea to consider engaging with the press about one or two major developments within the MariaDB community.
  • Solicit open source users, LUG members, Hackerspaces, web developers, database administrators etc. to use and contribute to MariaDB
  • Dispel myths and educate the public about MariaDB
  • Help translate content to local languages
  • Speak about MariaDB at your local university, or at events nearby


MariaDB Community Ambassadors organise local meetups and other activities on a regular basis. They bring what no online social network can provide: real handshakes, real face to face chat and spreading interesting knowledge with a hint of networking. These are all free to attend and depending on the regularity and success of the meetup group, there will also be a stipend by Monty Program given to help defray the costs of the meetups.


  • IRC Channel: #maria
  • Mailing list:
  • To sign up?: E-mail community at montyprogram dot com