MariaDB User Feedback

Beginning in October 2011, MariaDB includes a new User Feedback plugin. When the plugin is installed and enabled (it is uninstalled by default), it can periodically upload configuration and usage information to Alternatively, one can upload this information manually using the Upload Data page or with popular command line tools.

The information gathered by the User Feedback plugin provides the MariaDB project with useful input in form of:

The main purpose behind collecting this kind of information is to use it to steer engineering and community development of MariaDB in the right directions. The information is used to continuously improve the product.

The User Feedback plugin gathers only non-sensitive information such as:

The User Feedback plugin will never send any personal or sensitive information such as user names, database names or contents, or anything that would enable the tracking of the user.

The complete manual of the User Feedback plugin, including instructions for how to see what exactly is being sent, can be found on the User Feedback plugin page of the MariaDB Knowledgebase.


If you would like to manually upload data from your MariaDB instance please use the Upload Data page.