Mission Statement

The MariaDB Foundation promotes, protects, and advances the MariaDB codebase, community, and ecosystem.

How The MariaDB Foundation Works

The structure of the MariaDB Foundation underpins everything we do. No one person or company drives priorities, code, or shapes community. The MariaDB Foundation uses technical and legal means to guarantee the technology used by the world's largest database community will continue to be free in every sense.

The MariaDB Foundation is non-stock not-for-profit and incorporated in Delaware. It is aiming at US 501©(3) status. The current Board of Directors is:

  • Rasmus Johansson (chair), VP Engineering, MariaDB Corporation
  • Michael "Monty" Widenius, CTO, MariaDB Foundation
  • Jeremy Zawodny, Software Engineer, Craigslist
  • Sergei Golubchik, Chief Architect, MariaDB Corporation
  • Espen Håkonsen, CIO of Visma and Managing Director of Visma IT & Communications
  • Eric Herman, Principal Developer, Booking.com

Otto Kekäläinen serves as the CEO of the foundation.

Corporate Memberships & Sponsorships

For all corporate memberships and sponsorships please contact the Board via ''foundation 'at' mariadb (dot) org''.

Corporate memberships start from 50,000 USD and offer engagement with the governance of the Foundation in addition to sponsor benefits.

Corporate sponsorships start from 5,000 USD and offer recognition for the sponsor.

Individual Sponsorship

You're of course more than welcome to support MariaDB as an individual. You choose the amount of your sponsorship of the Foundation.

Please contact ''foundation 'at' mariadb (dot) org'' for bank account information.

The Foundation welcomes new founders and sponsors. It's the founders and sponsors that make it possible that MariaDB is actively developed!

MariaDB is a registered trademark of MariaDB Corporation Ab used by MariaDB Foundation with permission.

MySQL is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates.