This page discusses the foundation's community ethics. Please see the Contributing to the MariaDB Project page, the MariaDB community page, and the main MariaDB project page in the MariaDB Knowledge Base for more information on the mechanics of how to participate in our user and developer community.

The MariaDB Foundation works on the following open source projects:

  • The MariaDB project. Utilizing developer community enhancements, we extend, optimize, and continually improve MariaDB. More information regarding the changes in MariaDB compared to MySQL® are on the MariaDB versus MySQL - Features and MariaDB vs MySQL - Compatibility pages in the MariaDB Knowledge Base.
  • The Aria project. A storage engine for MariaDB and MySQL®.
  • Working with other developer communities (e.g. Drizzle) to merge improvements/innovations from their projects into MariaDB and MySQL®.
  • What we are working on (or planning to work on) can be found on the MariaDB JIRA site.

We help MariaDB and MySQL® developers by:

  • helping developers understand the MariaDB, Aria, and MySQL® source code
  • proposing, reviewing, and improving upon the design of new features
  • reviewing patches to MariaDB
  • applying patches and keeping the code up-to-date (with the help of the original author of the patch)
  • documenting all unique features in MariaDB
  • speaking at conferences about what we do

We're committed to excellence:

  • in the code we produce.
  • in our relations with our employees.
  • in our relations with our developer and user communities.
  • in the company we keep.

This being the case:

  • We are subscribing to the Ubuntu code of conduct for how we work in the open source environment. We expect from others what we expect from ourselves.
  • All code we produce will by default be GPL (e.g. MariaDB) or BSD-new (e.g. all-purpose libraries).
  • Any patches given to us for our project's source trees should be licensed under the MariaDB contributor agreement (MCA), BSD-new license, or public domain (in that order of preference). We require this to be sure we can use the code freely in MariaDB and other products. We also want to be able to contribute the code forward to other open source projects.
    • Log of MariaDB Contributions contains an audit trail of patches included into MariaDB and whether they were contributed under the MCA or BSD.

MariaDB Foundation employees are available for keynotes, presentations, and lectures. We happily provide such services at greatly reduced rates or gratis to Free and open source software community events and organizations. Please let us know if we can help you, your members, or your attendees better understand what we do and the climate in which we do it. We have fun people that are engaged, and are thus engaging.

We make it a point to try to attend important conferences related to MariaDB. Please look at our conference attendance page and let us know if you'd like your conference to be included there.

If you have questions regarding our community, our involvement with it, or its involvement with other projects or people, please contact our community team: c o m m u n i t y [at] m a r i a d b (d o t) o r g.