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2018-2 Developers Unconference in Finland

We are happy to announce that the 2nd and final MariaDB Developers Unconference of 2018 will take place in Tampere, Finland during the last week of June: 26 June – New Contributor Day 27–28 June –Developers Unconference 29 June – Patch review day Seravo are kindly hosting the event. If you want to attend, please […]


Live Q&A for beginner contributors on IRC every Monday! Join #maria @ 8:00 to 10:00 UTC

MariaDB is pleased to announce that we now have a dedicated time each week when we answer new contributor questions live on IRC. Starting from April 23rd, on every Monday, anybody is guaranteed to have a live person on the IRC list to ask any question they’d like in between 8:00 to 10:00 hours UTC. […]


Testing Rocket.Chat and Zulip

The MariaDB Foundation is publicly testing two new communications tools, Rocket.Chat and Zulip, and we’re seeing if they can meet a few of our requirements. Roughly in order of importance: 1) Open Source 2) A tool similar in functionality to the proprietary Slack. 3) A tool for internal staff chat, replacing some of the proprietary […]


MariaDB 10.3.6 now available

The MariaDB Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of MariaDB 10.3.6, the second release candidate in the MariaDB 10.3 series. See the release notes and changelogs for details. Download MariaDB 10.3.6 Release Notes Changelog What is MariaDB 10.3? MariaDB APT and YUM Repository Configuration Generator Contributors to MariaDB 10.3.6 Aleksey Midenkov (Tempesta) Alexander Barkov […]


MariaDB 10.2.14, MariaDB 10.1.32 and MariaDB Connector/J 2.2.3 and 1.7.3 now available

The MariaDB project is pleased to announce the availability of MariaDB 10.2.14 and MariaDB 10.1.32, both stable releases, as well as MariaDB Connector/J 2.2.3, the latest stable release in the MariaDB Connector/J 2.2 series, and MariaDB Connector/J 1.7.3, the latest stable release in the MariaDB Connector/J 1.7 series. See the release notes and changelogs for […]


MariaDB Foundation now accepts cryptocurrency donations

The MariaDB Foundation has added Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and Ripple to the list of ways to contribute financially. After experiencing problems with Paypal and disabling it as a means of contribution, our individual donations dropped off as not everyone found the alternatives, such as paying directly into the bank account, convenient. We […]


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