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This page lists upcoming events and conferences. For past events, see Past Events and Conferences.

The 2016 Developer Meeting

The next MariaDB Developer Meeting will take place from 6-8 October 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For details on attending, see 2016 MariaDB Developers Meetup

Upcoming events with MariaDB talks

MariaDB/MySQL meetup groups worldwide

Many MariaDB meetups can be found on Meetup.com.

Invite us to give a talk, or help us organise an event

Contact us at the ‘foundation ‘at’ mariadb (dot) org’ email address if you want to invite somebody from the MariaDB Foundation to give a talk at your event, or if you want to sponsor a MariaDB event or in other ways help us organise an event.

If your project relies upon or includes MariaDB, be sure to reach out if you think our presence at your event would be helpful to your developers and users.


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