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MariaDB Server is available in the standard repositories of all major Linux distributions. Just look for the package mariadb-server using the package manager of your operating system.

Proceed to if you need:

  • MariaDB for Windows
  • MariaDB for Linux, if your current distribution does not provide the version of MariaDB you need
  • The Galera Cluster version (if not available from your Linux distribution)
  • Specific plugins or storage engines
  • Developers tools, like the Java, ODBC, C/C++ or Node.js connectors (if not available from your Linux distribution)
  • The MariaDB source code

MariaDB is free and open source software

The MariaDB database server is published as free and open source software under the General Public License version 2. You can download and use it as much as you want free of charge. All use of the binaries from is at your own risk as stated in the GPLv2. While we do our best to make the world’s best database software, the MariaDB Foundation does not provide any guarantees and cannot be held liable for any issues you may encounter. The MariaDB Foundation does not provide any help or support.

If you intend to run MariaDB database server in production we recommend purchasing a subscription from MariaDB Corporation, or any of the other commercial support providers in the MariaDB ecosystem. There are  many resources you can use to learn MariaDB and support yourself or get peer support online.

Support from commercial vendors

There multiple MariaDB vendors that provide different kinds of guarantees based on the support contract you purchase from them. If you are a customer of any of the MariaDB support providers, please use the certified binaries they have provided you.

If you have a Red Hat or SUSE subscription and you install the MariaDB binaries from your Linux distribution vendor, then your current contract may also cover MariaDB.

If you run a mission critical database, please make sure you have some kind of support relationship with MariaDB Corporation or any of the third party support providers.

Source code

The official source code releases of MariaDB are also available at

Development is done using git and the official development trees are hosted at GitHub.

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