Assembling a Performance & Security Toolbox for MariaDB & MySQL

Date and time

  • Thursday 5 October, 12:05 – 12:35 EET (UTC+3)


MySQL and MariaDB performance issues are something that’s always of concern to both junior and senior developers alike.
If you find yourself asking “How to Run Big Data on MariaDB?”, “How Do I Know if My Database is Safe?” or are struggling with achieving or sustaining high performance on your database instances, this talk is for you!
This talk will also share never-before-seen bugs in MySQL found by the speaker.
Are you ready?

Lukas Vileikis, BreachDirectory

Lukas is an ethical hacker, a developer, a DBA, and a frequent conference speaker.
Lukas honed his database administration skills while building and administering one of the largest data breach empires in the world –, found bugs in MySQL, and since 2014, found and responsibly disclosed security flaws in some of the most visited websites in Lithuania.