Supporting continuity and open collaboration


The MariaDB Foundation uses technical and legal means to guarantee the technology used by the MariaDB community will continue to be open in every sense.

No single person or company is able to dictate priorities or code to the community.

Non-profit foundation

The MariaDB Foundation is non-stock not-for-profit and incorporated in Delaware, USA. It is aiming at US 501(c)(3) status.

Board of Directors

The foundation is legally controlled by the board. The board makes decisions on how the foundation can best serve the MariaDB community. The board does not make technical decisions.

The current Board of Directors is:

  • Chairman Eric Herman, Principal Developer at
  • Michael “Monty” Widenius, Founder of MariaDB and MySQL
  • Sergei Golubchik, developer representative
  • Espen Håkonsen, CIO of Visma and Managing Director of Visma IT & Communications
  • Michael Howard, CEO at MariaDB Corporation
  • Fangxin Lou, Alibaba Cloud
  • Todd Boyd, IBM
  • Barry Abrahamson, community representative
  • Sudhakar Sannakkayala, Microsoft
  • Qinglin Zhang, Tencent

MariaDB Foundation CEO Arjen Lentz serves as the secretary of the board.

Technical decisions

Decisions regarding contributions are made by the contributors themselves, and if a general consensus is required for a particular technical decision, the topic is discussed openly on the MariaDB mailing lists and other transparent online means until a clear majority is reached among the developers.


We’re committed to excellence:

  • in the code we produce.
  • in our relations with our employees.
  • in our relations with our developer and user communities.
  • in the company we keep.

This being the case:

  • We are subscribing to the Ubuntu code of conduct for how we work in the open source environment. We expect from others what we expect from ourselves.
  • All code we produce will by default be GPL (e.g. MariaDB) or BSD-new (e.g. all-purpose libraries).
  • Any patches given to us for our project’s source trees should be licensed under the MariaDB contributor agreement (MCA), BSD-new license, or public domain (in that order of preference). We require this to be sure we can use the code freely in MariaDB and other products. We also want to be able to contribute the code forward to other open source projects.
    • Log of MariaDB Contributions contains an audit trail of patches included into MariaDB and whether they were contributed under the MCA or BSD.