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MariaDB is a community developed project, with the MariaDB Foundation as it’s main driver. The Foundation works in close cooperation with MariaDB Corporation to deliver new versions of MariaDB. Together with the Maria-captains, the Foundation ensures that all code in the MariaDB trees is of good quality and that there are regular releases of MariaDB.

The MariaDB foundation does however need contributors and money to be able to do this.

The foundation accepts donations through Paypal, Flattr or into its bank account (all donors and donations will be listed on a donations page on the website, unless you specify that you wish to remain anonymous).

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Please contact foundation ‘at’ mariadb (dot) org for bank account information for payment.

Donations help the MariaDB Foundation to drive and develop MariaDB as an open source project.

Corporate Memberships & Sponsorships

Talk your company into joining the Foundation as a sponsoring member or governing member. For all corporate memberships and sponsorships please contact the Board via ”foundation ‘at’ mariadb (dot) org”. Corporate memberships start from 50,000 USD and offer engagement with the governance of the Foundation in addition to sponsor benefits. Corporate sponsorships start from 5,000 USD and offer recognition for the sponsor.

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