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Please sponsor the MariaDB Foundation to help us with:

  • Ensuring continuity: Make sure that MariaDB Server continues to thrive and stay maintained as long as there are users who need it.
  • Open collaboration: Be a place where everybody can contribute and collaborate using the best open source methodologies.
  • Drive adoption: Make sure MariaDB is universally available and included on all major platforms, serving an ever growing community of users and developers.

Individual Sponsorship

The foundation accepts donations through Flattr or into its bank account (all donors and donations will be listed on a donations page on the website, unless you specify that you wish to remain anonymous).

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Please contact foundation ‘at’ mariadb (dot) org for bank account information for payment.

Donations help the MariaDB Foundation to drive and develop MariaDB as an open source project.

Corporate Memberships & Sponsorships

Companies wishing to sponsor the Foundation please contact us via ”foundation ‘at’ mariadb (dot) org”. Sponsor levels range from 5000 to 100 000 USD.

Additional benefits for companies sponsoring the MariaDB Foundation:

  • Best opportunity to influence the future and present a point of view.
  • Great visibility among technical people (potential employees, high-income customers). In 2015 had over a million page views.
  • Open source has a good public perception. Being a member of the MariaDB Foundation can help strengthen an image of being modern and progressive.

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