Database changes should be SCARY, in a good way

Date and time

  • Thursday 5 October, 15:15 – 15:45 EET (UTC+3)


Infrastructure change, and you have this lingering fear about testing tested quite enough for the only workload that matters, your production? You should use the good SCARY, a Wikimedia sponsored development that measures and mirrors production workloads and provides consumable facts. Its easy of use migrates you from fear to confidence, which is where all infrastructure changes should happen.

Daniel Black, MariaDB Foundation

Daniel is a MariaDB all rounder. He started doing as a DBA, and then starting fixing the bugs. On the journey to continue these multi-perspectives of the same product, he found a niche at the MariaDB Foundation as their Chief Innovation Officer. There he continues to drive improvements in the code, the user usage, and the ecosystem in-between.