Engaging with the community


MariaDB is an ecosystem based around a server, including connectors, tools, and interoperable products. It’s an ecosystem of people, projects and companies with their goals that utilize MariaDB server. The MariaDB ecosystem depends on OS kernels, tools and libraries. It depends on distributions and their people to deliver it to the end users.

With such a broad engagement the MariaDB Foundation acts in subtle ways to act as a diplomatic service to smooth the relationships, to communicate, and to provide the technical solutions to keep the smoothness of the ecosystem running.

Like most diplomacy, not all is public, very little blogs or press releases. So for this talk, let’s talk about some of the projects we’ve succeeded with, the people we’ve helped and the challenges still before us.

Date and time

  • Thursday 17 November, 15:30 – 16:15 CET (UTC+1)


Daniel Black started as a DBA, loved helping out clients, but did far too much patching of code. Moved to IBM to continue making MariaDB work bigger and better, and ended up at MariaDB Foundation to bring the focus back to making it better for everyone.