Catalogs: An upcoming feature for Cloud Service Providers

Date and time

  • Friday 2 February, 12:00 – 12:45 EET (UTC+3)


We’ve announced Catalogs in MariaDB, back in May 2023. There has been significant development effort put into the feature. While there is still more to be done, we’d like to share what is the current user experience. As we mentioned in our initial announcement, we are looking to build a feature that benefits the whole community, not what we as developers think is right.

We’ll cover some of the challenges we’ve encountered so far, such as which parts of the codebase were not prepared for catalogs and required refactoring, the performance considerations and how it impacts security.

Finally we’ll go through the use case for hosting providers and how Catalogs can benefit. We’ll also showcase how we envision the final product to look like, the kinds of tools we’d like to see and offer the audience a chance to give direct input on our current implementation decisions.