Migration panel: Reaping the benefits of Open Source

Date and time

  • Saturday 3 February, 16:00 – 17:00 EET (UTC+3)


Commercial vendors do their best to lock in their users to the database. SQL is a standard, but local flavours create friction. Migrating to MariaDB Server can create advantages in the easiest case – from MySQL 5.7 – and in the most difficult one – from Oracle Database. There are tools to help, processes to follow, and costs to be saved. This panel sheds light from different directions.

Migration panel questions:

  1. Why should you migrate
  2. What triggers the action
  3. ⁠What are the different complexities involved (MariaDB 5.7 … Oracle Database)
  4. How do you split the migration in phases
  5. ⁠What tools do you need (external like SQLines, internal ones to MariaDB)
  6. ⁠Is the documentation sufficient?
  7. What is a good role division (Cantamen lessons)
  8. How do you gain confidence to do it
  9. ⁠What are the fallback scenarios needed
  10. How to follow up, post mortem 
  11. What to clean up afterward


Dirk Hillbrecht, cantamen GmbH
Michael Carney, MariaDB plc
Dmitry Tolpeko, SQLines
Michael “Monty” Widenius, MariaDB plc
Sergei Golubchyk, MariaDB plc