The MariaDB network protocol: history, current state, possible future

Date and time

  • Wednesday 4 October, 09:10 – 09:40 EET (UTC+3)


This presentation takes a look at the history of the MariaDB and MySQL network protocol, how it has evolved since MariaDB 5.3 and what could be done to improve it. A comparison to the PostgreSQL protocol shows other ways to implement a network protocol for a database and how it compares to MariaDB. The recent discussion (MDEV-15935, MDEV-31609) makes this a topic that’s relevant to discuss as the features are still being implemented.

Markus Mäkelä, MariaDB plc

I’m a software engineer at MariaDB who works on the MaxScale database proxy. I’ve contributed small improvements to the MariaDB server as well as the connectors that it uses.