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Fangxin Lou

Lou FangxinFangxin Lou, just call me “flou”, now works at Alibaba Cloud as RDS kernel team manager. He has 20 years database experience in application development, database administration, data architecture and kernel development. An Oracle database expert with more than 16 years experience since Oracle version 7, he became an Oracle certified DBA and Developer in 2000, and become an Oracle ACE in 2010 (now expired). He used to work at eBay as Staff DBA to maintain the global site and AliPay as DBA manager to scale the whole database system, supporting an almost 300 times business growth by application and database sharding (with Oracle and MySQLs). He has very good experience of how applications interact with databases and is good at performance shooting (including trouble shooting). He also has a deep understanding of the Oracle data file block format and log file block format, and has written various database utilities which were well received by DBAs and developers globally.

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