Supporting continuity and open collaboration

Anel Husaković


I am Anel Husaković, a software developer at the MariaDB Foundation.

I hold a Master’s degree from the Electrical Faculty in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Department of Automatic Control and Electronics. I am studying a Ph.D. at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. I am deeply interested in open source software because I strongly believe that knowledge is the only asset that is increased when it is shared.

My work for MariaDB Foundation will be focused on learning new things while fixing bugs, helping new contributors and collaborating with the community. You can reach me at anel [at] or on IRC channel #maria username an3l.

On a personal note, I am curious how things work, so occasionally I research and work on embedded systems. I spend my free time with my family and friends.