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Rutuja Surve

I am Rutuja Surve, I’ve been working as an open source contributor at the MariaDB Foundation since early 2018.

I hold a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Bachelors in Engineering, Honors degree in Computer Science from BITS Pilani, India. I am a FOSS evangelist and an open source enthusiast. I strongly believe in its principles of adoption and transparency, which makes it a perfect platform for contributing, collaborating and learning from expert developers around the world.

My work for MariaDB Foundation is currently focused on working on a GSoC 2018 project for negative grants, helping new contributors get a kick-start in open source and collaborating with the community. You can reach me on rutuja [at] or on IRC channel #maria, username Rutuja.

I am interested in the field of graph theory, probability in Mathematics and like reading and researching on its applications to Computer Science, especially to the field of data.

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