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The MariaDB Foundation is grateful to the following organizations for their substantial support:

MariaDB Corporation
MariaDB Corporation Ab (formerly SkySQL) is the trusted provider of enterprise-grade open source database solutions for MariaDB and MySQL users. MariaDB Corporation has the leading MariaDB and MySQL talent pool, including the core engineering team behind MariaDB. The company provides MariaDB Enterprise, MariaDB MaxScale, and other products and services valuable for deploying MariaDB in large, mission-critical production environments.



Provide business software, outsourcing services, commerce solutions, retail IT solutions, and IT related development and consultancy.

Parallels Inc. is proud to be a supporter of MariaDB. Parallels produces some of the most widely-used web hosting and services software in the world, and uses MariaDB in its popular Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5. is the world’s leading online hotel and accommodation reservations company, and guarantees the best prices for any type of property — from small independents to five-star luxury. can help you securely migrate, protect and recover critical data wherever it resides in your physical, virtual or cloud environments.

Wikimedia Foundation is Finland’s largest, most known and most visited online retailer.

More than 2.5 million users worldwide have selected Webyog to help them smartly manage, monitor and optimize their databases.

Earlier Supporters

The MariaDB Foundation is grateful for earlier and smaller donors, without whose contributions we would not have been able to get started.

Platform as a Service –
Jelastic supports any PHP & Java app. Works with ANY code. Highly Scalable. Open software stacks.

Planeetta Web Hosting – PaaS
Jelastic Web Hosting from Finland! Deploy and host your PHP or Java application. Try it free for 2 weeks!

Open Query (Australia/New Zealand)
Peace of mind for your MariaDB infrastructure providing tuning, training services and more.

Enterprise-grade Support, Consulting, Remote DBA, Training, and Server Development services for MySQL and MariaDB.

SpringbokSQL designs and builds MariaDB database appliances and database specific load balancers for fast database performance and uptime.

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