FOSDEM Fringe Schedule is Up

The schedule is up!

We are lucky and happy to have a great line-up of presenters for the MariaDB Server Fest 2-3 Feb 2024, a FOSDEM Fringe event during the Friday and Saturday of the FOSDEM weekend in Brussels.

Please join us in person in Brussels!

The event is, quite like FOSDEM this year, a physical one. You are welcome to join it in person, for free – less than 2 km from the university where FOSDEM convenes.

Friday is Migration and Money …

We start on Friday before FOSDEM itself, with the “Migration and Money” day. Why stay with proprietary databases or databases with limited love for open source principles, when you can save time, frustrations and money on MariaDB? We will migrate a huge MySQL 5.7 application with 10^9 queries a day, and we will do it live on production data. Is that possible? Attendees will see. Migrating production applications off Oracle Database is a longer process, but we will look also at this with South-East Asia’s largest bank DBS Bank as an example, and other cases in between.

… and Money is not a frequent Foundation topic

The money part is quite unlike FOSDEM and outside the general scope of MariaDB Foundation, but then again, we are at a FOSDEM Fringe event, and the development of MariaDB Server relies on there being players with financial interest to support a large development team. With several interesting and interested industry players present, we are looking at an exciting line-up.

Saturday is Feature Day …

On Saturday in parallel with FOSDEM itself, we have Feature Day. Peter Zaitsev of Percona starts with ten awesome features unique to MariaDB. We continue with a 2024 flagship feature, Catalogs, especially in the interest of cloud service providers. We also get a first look at the plans for MariaDB Vector, our way of integrating AI functionality in the core of MariaDB Server.

… coupled with a bit more of Migration.

On Saturday afternoon, we again bring in the Migration theme. What are the features and tools needed in Migration? We conclude by drawing the conclusions on the lessons learned from the Friday live migration and have a panel on how to use migration to reap the benefits of open source.

Register here!

Please register here – seating is limited and we’re quickly filling up. See you in Brussels!