Running MariaDB on untrusted systems – Security news from the enclave

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The frontier of MariaDB Server is right now at MariaDB 10.7. At the forefront here is Sergei Golubchik, The technology forefront is often in the area of security. Encrypting data on disk can be done by all apps, and the same goes for authentication. But what happens if your level of security includes distrust of the admins? What if you postulate that the enemy is already somewhere inside your server – can you still run applications securely? It turns out you can, running enclaves on Intel SGX. Edgeless Systems has implemented a new database, EdgelessDB, which essentially is MariaDB Server running in enclaves. The interview with their CEO Felix Schuster will give you the details.  

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Felix Schuster
CEO – EdgelessDB

Interviewed by Kaj Arnö
CEO – MariaDB Foundation

Commented by Sergei Golubchik
VP Server Engineering – MariaDB Corporation