MariaDB on Windows

For some time, we haven’t had any binary distribution on Windows. This was bad because a significant number of our downloads of earlier releases was from Windows people.

So, I’m working to change this. The first step is to revive the noinstall zip files. This isn’t too difficult, just run the scripts. In theory, at least.

Actually the build scripts didn’t work for me, but the problems with them were really minor. So I did some of the steps manually and modified the scripts a bit. Looks like it worked.

I’m now uploading the windows zip file to the mirrors. You should be able to download it from

For now, we only have a 32 bit version of this. At some point I will also produce 64 bit binaries, but that will have to wait a bit. I’m also working on a normal installer with the usual wizard based install that Windows users are accustomed to.

This is the first distributable zip file we have done in a while, so there might be some problems with it. It should work, but if there are problems with it, I hope you will help me make the distribution even better by reporting a bug on, sending a mail to or go on IRC and talk to me on #maria.