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MariaDB participates in Google Summer of Code 2013

MariaDB is very happy to be accepted as a project in the Google Summer of Code 2013. This will be our first year participating and we’re stoked that we’re one of the accepted organizations. We have an ideas list as always, and we’re expecting to get some great mentors & students to hack on some new code for the MariaDB project (which now comprises not just the server, but Galera Cluster as well as the connectors). Watch this space for more information, but if you’re interested in hacking on MySQL, MariaDB, Galera Cluster or some of the Percona toolkit, and it’s a summer’s worth of work, this should be a lot of fun!


  1. 2013-04-10    

    Where do we ask questions about the projects and is the list of projects on ideas page final ? The Full text search plugin project has been removed !

    • 2013-04-11    

      Hi @facebook-100001195552708:disqus – yeah it was removed because it might have taken a lot longer to do than a summer. To ask questions, send email to and feel free to add your own ideas if you’d like to work on something

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