New Service –

During the development of MariaDB, a lot of things are tested. However the most important workload to be tested is the one we don’t have access to, and that is your workload.

As many of you run your own CI, we’d like you to invite you to join the testing of MariaDB. is a container repository using the latest from our main stable branches. By the time any code gets into these branches it has been reviewed and passed our tests. The developers of the change consider it finished, so this is the perfect time to take this code and test it on your workload.

To make this easier, the is functionally identical to the Docker Library mariadb container ( All interactions are the same. The differences that you’ll notice are:

  • Its based on the very latest MariaDB versions and the latest Dockerfile and entrypoint from
  • There is a 10.8 version which hasn’t been released.
  • The SELECT VERSION() number is 10.X.{version above last release}-MariaDB-{commit hash} so that if you report a bug we’ll know what exact version you problem is occurring at.
  • There are only the tags of the major versions and they will frequently change.
  • There are some preview release tags that will be announced separately.
  • The apt repo in the container is a temporary location only.

If you encounter a problem in these containers please do create a MariaDB JIRA bug report with the details. There’s a good chance important and regression bugs found will be corrected before a formal release.