Easier Plugin Design with Rust: Clevis in MariaDB

Presentation materials

PDF Easier Plugin Design with Rust

Date and time

  • Wednesday 5 October, 15:15 – 15:55 EET (UTC+3)


Throughout the past year, Trevor has been exploring ways to make MariaDB’s interfaces compatible with the Rust language. The first proof of concept was a UDF library that was the subject of a blog post; current work is focusing on plugins.

Rust’s modern features and error-prevention advantages make it easier to write safe and correct server-native tooling, without requiring in-depth knowledge of MariaDB’s source. This presentation showcases a plugin offering key managment via Clevis.

Trevor Gross

Trevor is an electrical engineer who works at the boundary of embedded software and hardware. He has had the opportunity to work extensively with web backend development, which led to an involvement with open source. Recently Rust has become his language of choice, and he has been working to leverage its benefits for the improvement of existing software developments.