MariaDB & Python: A Match?

Python is my personal favourite programming language, at least this century. So when the opportunity presented itself to have a talk at PyConZA, off I went. Not to South Africa in person, for a 40 minute talk, though.

Technical challenges on Streamyard

It was a live presentation, streamed on Streamyard with chat on Discord. I complained of the bad connectivity I had in central Munich, much to the amusement of the South African audience, which evidently thought they were role models and market leaders when it comes to bad Internet. I fear flaky connectivity is a global feature of Internet providers.

When to use MariaDB with Python

My topic: When is MariaDB Server the right choice for persistence of data in Python? Or, to split it:

  • why is picking a database sexy, to begin with?
  • why a relational database, not NoSQL?
  • why an open source relational database?
  • why MariaDB, not MySQL or Postgres?
  • when not to pick MariaDB?

A happy rant

I concluded with a personal rant about the happy feeling of coming back home to programming. After decades in management, I saw 90 % of all pain points of programming solved. I believe Python contributes to the mental sanity of an incurable geek.