MariaDB Cloud MiniFest Wed 9 June 2021

Time for another MariaDB Server MiniFest! It will be on Wednesday 9 June 2021, so do mark your calendars. Our topic is the MariaDB in the Cloud. Again, we have a number of high-profile presenters lined up, to present the various cloud solutions for MariaDB. Our goalto help you better navigate the skies.

Role models: The Server Minifests in Dec 2020, Mar 2021

The Cloud MiniFest follows the format of our Dec 2020 MariaDB Server MiniFest on the Release Policy and the Mar 2021 MariaDB Server HA MiniFest. We start at 14:00 Paris time (CET) – 8:00am New York, 20:00 Beijing. At about 16:00 CET (10am New York time, 22:00 Beijing/Singapore time), we will have a live panel. We conclude the day with an open discussion for anyone to attend, in the MariaDB Hallway.

Keynote & sessions planned

We start with a keynote MariaDB SkySQL: A Next Generation DBaaS from the Source by Rob Hedgpeth of MariaDB Corporation. Other presenters include Steve Shaw talking about Intel powering the MariaDB Cloud, Daniel Ye describing Spider and other aspects of the infrastructure of Tencent Games, and Xinlong Li about The Evolution of Cloud Native Database Architecture at Tencent Cloud. There will be an interview with Sudhakar Sannakkayala of Microsoft about Azure. The MiniFest will end with a Cloud technology panel with Steve Shaw of Intel, Rob Hedgpeth of MariaDB Corporation, and Kaj Arnö and Daniel Black of MariaDB Foundation – where panelists will take questions from the audience.

Zoom chat for Q&A by invitees

Already at last MiniFest, our aim was to increase the level of interactivity at the MariaDB MiniFest. Like in earlier MiniFests, we will have Zulip chats going on throughout the MiniFest. Now, at the end of the panel, we welcome registered people to attend the same Zoom chat in the virtual corridors of the MiniFest. Thus, the floor is open to join the panelists at the end of their discussion.

Stay tuned for the exact schedule!