MariaDB SkySQL: A Next Generation DBaaS from the Source


SkySQL is the first and only MariaDB Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) engineered, run
and supported by MariaDB. Built for multi-cloud on Kubernetes, SkySQL can deploy
databases and data warehouses for transactional (OLTP), analytical (OLAP), hybrid
transactional/analytical (HTAP), and distributed OLTP workloads (Distributed SQL).
Leveraging MariaDB’s storage engine architecture, MariaDB MaxScale and a combination
of SSD and S3 Object Storage, SkySQL has become the most comprehensive Cloud
Database offering for a wider range of workloads.

In this session, I’ll provide an overview of its architecture and capabilities. The technical
details will be brought to life through a real-time demo, giving developers a first-hand look
at how to develop modern applications using transactional, analytical, and distributed
MariaDB database services. Code samples, documentation as well as free access to
SkySQL will be provided.

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Date and time

  • Wednesday 9 June, 14.00 – 14.25 CET (UTC +1), 8:00am – 8:25am New York time, 20:00 – 20:25 Beijing/Singapore time


Robert Hedgpeth
Developer Evangelist, MariaDB Corporation

Rob Hedgpeth has been slinging code since the early 2000’s. Like many others, he started his journey by building pretty horrendous looking websites. Fortunately, for the world, he has since evolved and has branched out to a variety of projects across web, desktop, mobile, and IoT. Now as a developer evangelist for MariaDB, Rob gets to combine his love for technology with his mission to fuel developers’ curiosity and passion. In his free time you can find Rob failing to control his dogs, getting utterly dismantled at Overwatch, or trying to convince himself that he actually enjoys working out.