Introducing TenDB Cluster, a distributed database solution based on MariaDB Spider


  1. Introduction to Spider Storage Engine and our TenDB Cluster solution
    1.1 Talk about MariaDB and Spider, briefly introduce Spider’s features.
    1.2 Introduce our TenDB Cluster solution (based on TSpider–Tencent Games’s fork of Spider SE). Content includes TenDB Cluster’s architecture, how TSpider plays its role, what our solution brings us (Compatibility, Scalability, High Availability) etc.
  2. Application of TenDB Cluster in Tencent games
    2.1 Show statistics on usage of TenDB Cluster in Tencent games.
    2.2 Introduce companies that are using TenDB Cluster.
  3. Demonstration
    3.1 Demonstrate how to deploy TenDB Cluster easily and quickly with docker-compose.
    3.2 Demonstrate basic DDL & DML operations on TSpider.

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Date and time

  • Wednesday 9 June, 14.25 – 14.45 CET (UTC +1), 8:25am – 8:45am New York time, 20:25 – 20:45 Beijing/Singapore time


Daniel Ye – Tencent Games