KVDB – Scale without a care in the world


With the recent release of MariaDB 10.6 and Maxcale 6, we can now port our MongoDB software to use a proper database. But what if we could abstract it even further? Using MariaDB Connector/Python, we can abstract the abstraction and make the schemata almost invisible to those whom wish it gone. Types be gone! We are going dynamic at 88 MPH!

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Date and time

  • Tuesday 5 October, 16.55 – 17.25 CEST (UTC +2), 10.55am – 11:25am New York time, 22:55 – 23:25 Beijing/Singapore time


Richard Bensley
Software engineer – MariaDB Corporation

Richard is a Software Engineer at MariaDB. Richard has developed a globally scalable database backup and restore solution for the SkySQL platform, and currently contributes to the SkySQL monitoring and alerting platfotm. Be sure to look forward to the community contribitions his team produces. We’ve said too much already!