MySQL 8 vs MariaDB 10.6


While MariaDB started by being slightly different MySQL variant, now it has grown into very much different database platforms which grows more different from every release.
We will look into the differences between MySQL and MariaDB in the core areas such as SQL features, query optimizations, replication, storage engines, and security. We will also discuss the unique features and capabilities the latest major versions, MySQL 8 and MariaDB 10.6, offer compared to each other.

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Date and time

  • Wednesday 6 October, 14.02 – 15.00 CEST (UTC +2),
  • 8:02am – 9:00am New York time,
  • 20:02 – 21:00 Beijing/Singapore time


Peter Zaitsev
CEO and co-founder of Percona

Peter Zaitsev is CEO and co-founder of Percona. As one of the foremost experts on Open Source strategy and databases optimization, Peter leveraged both his technical vision and entrepreneurial skills to grow Percona from a two-person shop to one of the most respected open source companies in the business. Peter is a co-author of High Performance MySQL: Optimization,