FOSDEM 2021 CfP now open

Earlier this week we were happy to announce that MariaDB will have its own devroom at FOSDEM21, taking place on 6 February 2021, and now the CfP is open.

FOSDEM is free to attend, and no registration is necessary. It’s aimed at free and open-source developers, so engineering and DBA-related topics such as:

  • best practices
  • migrating to MariaDB
  • MariaDB features
  • optimising on particular hardware

are all welcome. Submissions that miss the mark, such as marketing talks, are not welcome.

We are expecting far more submissions than we can accommodate, so we are looking for 20 minute talks (with an extra 5m for questions) to accommodate as many high-quality speakers as possible.

There are some changes to previous years:

  • The event is taking place online, rather than in Brussels, although the reference time will still be that of Brussels (CET).
  • Talks will be pre-recorded by the speaker (with assistance from a mentor), and streamed during the event.
  • A live Q&A session will take place after the talk is streamed.
  • There will be platforms for people wishing to chat, and to submit questions.

Important dates

  • CfP submission deadline: Tuesday 22 December 2020
  • Talks announced: Thursday 31 December 2020
  • Recorded talks submission deadline: Sunday 17 January 2021
  • Devroom date: Saturday 6 February 2021

How to submit

  • Go to and follow the instructions there.
  • Click on Create Event to add a proposal, and fill out the details, adding the title of your talk, a concise abstract and information about yourself (if not already added in Pentabarf)
  • Make sure to select MariaDB devroom as the track

  • Select 20 minutes as the duration (there will be 5 minutes extra for questions)

Looking forward to seeing you at FOSDEM21!