Crash-safe XA and its replication in MariaDB


Fixes to mysql Bug#12161 lifted limitation of XA usage to implement two-phased replication of XA transactions. MariaDB adopted them to improve significantly in various parts.
The talk highlights improvements over Oracle implementation to announce for the first time that XA in MariaDB is fully crash-safe.

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Date and time

  • Wednesday 24 March, 14.20 – 14.50 CET (UTC +1), 9:20am – 9:50am New York time, 21:20 – 21:50 Beijing/Singapore time


Andrei Elkin
Lead software developer at MariaDB Corporation

Andrei Elkin has a PhD in Mathematics and Physics from St.Petersburg’s State
University (USSR, Russia). Before joining MariaDB Corporation in 2017, he worked at Oracle, Sun and MySQL designing, implementing and maintaining a wide range of replication features, including row-based replication, heartbeat and checksum.