Use Case TransferWise: MariaDB high availability


At TransferWise, we rely on AWS RDS managed service to run most of our relational databases. However, for specific use cases, we run some clusters on EC2.
This talk will show how TransferWise implemented high availability on their MariaDB clusters running on EC2 with Envoy and Orchestrator, and decreased automatic failovers time from 1-2 minutes to 10-15 seconds.

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Date and time

  • Wednesday 24 March, 14.50 – 15.20 CET (UTC +1), 9:50am – 10:20am New York time, 21:50 – 22:20 Beijing/Singapore time


Pedro Albuquerque

Pedro Albuquerque has many years of working on various database technologies, which include relational and NoSQL platforms. He is currently focused on MariaDB, MongoDB and PostgreSQL at TransferWise.

Before TransferWise, he was focused on MongoDB at ObjectRocket by Rackspace, supporting customers with existing MongoDB implementations or those just entering the NoSQL space.

He enjoys solving complex problems that involve data distribution, chunk management and scripting. When not busy with databases, he spends his time working with documentary and analog photography.