MariaDB 10.11.0 preview release now available

We are pleased to announce the preview release of the MariaDB 10.11 series, MariaDB 10.11.0.

Candidate features for MariaDB 10.11

Preview releases are designed to get features into the hands of users more quickly, and should not be used for production. Not all features in a preview release may make the Generally Available (GA) release. Features under consideration for 10.11 include:

  1. GRANT … TO PUBLIC (MDEV-5215)
  2. Separate SUPER and READ ONLY ADMIN privileges (MDEV-29596)
  1. Semi-join optimization for single-table update/delete statements (MDEV-7487)
  2. Allow pushdown of queries involving UNIONs in outer select to foreign engines (MDEV-25080)
  3. Make ANALYZE FORMAT=JSON show time spent in the query optimizer (MDEV-28926)
Information Schema
  1. Performance Issues reading the Information Schema Parameters table (MDEV-29104)
  2. Full table scan in the Information Schema Parameters and Information Schema Routines table (MDEV-20609)
System versioning
  1. System versioning setting, system_versioning_insert_history, to allow history modification (MDEV-16546)
  2. mariadb-dump: dump and restore historical data (MDEV-16029)
  1. Windows – passwordless login for mariadb root user, for OS admin users (MDEV-26715)
  1. Rename slow queries variables (MDEV-7567)
  2. Variable replicate_rewrite_db cannot be found in “show global variables” (MDEV-15530)
  3. innodb_write_io_threads and innodb_read_io_threads are now dynamic, and their values can be changed without restarting the server (MDEV-11026)

The features that pass testing will then be merged into MariaDB Server 10.11.1.

We look forward to receiving your comments!


MariaDB 10.11.0 now available