MariaDB 10.9 preview releases now available

We are pleased to announce the third MariaDB series release under the new release model, MariaDB 10.9.0.

Maturing MariaDB more quickly

One of the purposes of the new model is to get features into the hands of users more quickly, in a form which supports stability by allowing the new feature to be more easily tested, separate from other new features being developed at the same time.

Candidate features for MariaDB 10.9

There are four separate preview releases, containing the following features under consideration for release in 10.9.1:

  1. Extend SHOW EXPLAIN to support SHOW ANALYZE [FORMAT=JSON] (MDEV-27021)
  2. Add EXPLAIN FOR CONNECTION syntax support to SHOW EXPLAIN (MDEV-10000)
JSON Range Notation
  1. Implement range notation for JSONPath (MDEV-27911)
  2. Support JSONPath negative index (MDEV-22224)
  3. JSON_OVERLAPS function (MDEV-27677)
Async redo log write
  1. Asynchronous redo log write (MDEV-26603)
  1. Implement the –do-domain-ids, –ignore-domain-ids, and –ignore-server-ids options for mysqlbinlog (MDEV-20119)
  2. information_schema.tables.table_type now shows TEMPORARY for local temporary tables. (MDEV-12459)
  3. Merge “old” to “old_mode” sql variable (MDEV-24920)
  4. Vault Key Management Plugin (MDEV-19281)
  5. JSON file interface to wsrep node state / SST progress logging (MDEV-26971)
  6. Allow innodb_log_file_size to change without server restart (MDEV-27812)

There will be individual blog posts about some of these features in the coming days, but in the meantime you can read more in the Release notes.

On the download page for 10.9.0, you will see sources in Linux (x86-64 bintar) and source formats only.

The features that pass testing will then be merged into MariaDB Server 10.9.1.

We look forward to receiving your comments!


MariaDB 10.9.0 now available