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MariaDB 5.2 is released as stable

I am happy to announce that MariaDB 5.2.3 is now released as a stable release.

During the gamma period we did not receive any serious reports for issues in 5.2, so we are relatively confident that the new code is of decent quality.

You can read about the features of MariaDB 5.2 in my previous blog entry or in the fast growing MariaDB knowledgebase..

What is most interesting about MariaDB 5.2 is that most of the features came from the MariaDB/MySQL community, not from Monty Program Ab!

Without the community it would not have been possible to do a stable release so soon after the last release. Virtual columns, Extended User Statistics, Segmented MyISAM key cache, Pluggable Authentication, OQGRAPH and the Sphinx client are all from code provided by people outside of Monty Program Ab. Storage-engine-specific CREATE TABLE, Enhancements to INFORMATION SCHEMA.PLUGINS table and “Group commit” for the Aria engine were provided by us at Monty Program Ab.

Thanks also to all those who have reported and provided bug fixes for 5.1 and 5.2!

MariaDB 5.2.3 has all changes from MariaDB 5.1.50 and MySQL 5.1.51. (We are just about to release MariaDB 5.1.51)

Please report any issues to the MariaDB bugs database so that we can fix them!

We will continue to fix critical bugs in MariaDB 5.1, even if the
attention of bug fixes will now move to 5.2.

Now we are busy working on getting MariaDB 5.3 ready for beta. We have also started a merge of MariaDB 5.3 + MySQL 5.5 -> MariaDB 5.5 and hope to release this tree soon!

Happy database usage!


  1. Olivier Olivier

    I can’t register on AskMonty because your mail server doesn’t send a proper HELO when connecting to SMTP servers…

    So while I wait for you to fix it :), I just wanted to report a potential problem with the documentation.

    On this page:

    You say:
    “If key_cache_partitions is “1” (or higher) then the new key cache segmentation code is used. In practice there is no practical use of a single-segment segmented key cache except for testing purposes. For all practical purposes setting key_cache_partitions = 1 should be slower than any other option and should not be used in production.”

    According to your documentation about server variables and what I can see when asking to see the variables, “key_cache_partitions” doesn’t exist.
    I’m guessing it was an old internal name for “key_cache_segments” or did I just make a fool out of myself? 🙂

  2. 2011-02-02    

    You are correct. The feature was originally called “partitioned key cache” but people kept getting it confused with database partitions so we changed the name to “segmented key cache”. Thanks for the catch!

    I’ll look in to the SMTP bug.

    Thanks again!

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