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OLX and MariaDB

OLX, a free classifieds site, is serving up 40 million pages a day using MariaDB. Not an insignificant task.

There’s a nice write-up in the MariaDB knowledgebase with particulars. In short, the 5.2 series of MariaDB and some of the unique features of the project have made a migration easy and valuable.

It’s nice to hear such stories. Both because we like interesting sites and projects, as well as our natural interest in larger scale or larger visibility deployments. Got a story to share? Please create a KB entry, or e-mail the community team.


  1. 2016-05-25 is really taking online classifieds in India to next level. Glad that Maria DB is supporting it’s platform.. Good go..!

  2. 2017-02-19    

    Glad that Maria DB is supporting it’s platform.. Good go..!

  3. 2017-05-07    

    I shifted to MariaDB and there were big improvements in the process. Initially, we were reluctant to switch to see the performance it was so good. Using MariaDB for all our applications along with Ubuntu.

  4. 2017-09-04    

    Right now, I m using My SQL and now i want to transfer my all data to MariaDB. But I have one question in my mind, there any problem in the performance of website like website speed.

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