Position open for an experienced open source C/C++ developer

The MariaDB Foundation is looking to expand its staff with one or two part-time or full-time C/C++ developers. We are looking in particular for people with a deep understanding of how open source works, how collaboration is fostered, how licenses and copyright work, how tools like git and test suites are best used and so on. The person(s) should be C/C++ developers by background, and have a proven track record of producing code patches that have been accepted in major open source projects. The main responsibilities is more than just programming alone, but also about fostering collaboration and helping others to do C/C++ development on MariaDB.

Previous experience of MariaDB development is not required. In fact, it is good if the person has some database experience, but it’s not critical to have experience with MariaDB development, so that the person can document his/her experiences in starting to contribute to MariaDB, and later improve that experience.

The work will be remote, and strong skills in written English are required for daily communication.

It you are interested, send us an application at foundation@mariadb.org. Please include links to your code examples, previous contributions to other projects, description about yourself and your salary requirement and if you are interested in working full-time or part-time.