ServerFest Two Weeks Later

Update your calendars: The MariaDB ServerFest has moved to be two weeks later, Tue-Wed 5.-6. October 2021. We hope the new dates fit your calendar!

Technical reasons

The postponement is due to what is usually called “technical reasons”, which is an expression intended to obscure any underlying facts. In our case, we don’t need to obscure, but can openly disclose the reasoning and point to a few late speaker submissions and one early newborn.

YAMB = Yet Another MariaDB Baby

The early newborn is my son Felix. Before we knew his gender, he went under the description “October Revolution”. He decided to break out already in September, but hey, the original October Revolution happened in November 1917, so why worry about a mismatching month.

Felix Arnö
Felix Arnö postponing the MariaDB Server Fest by two weeks

By his early outbreak, Felix allows me to travel to Finland for the joint broadcasting of the ServerFest.