MariaDB Foundation at Percona Live Europe 2018

From 5 to 7 November 2018 will be my first conference visit since taking up my new position.  The sub-title of the conference in Frankfurt is “Open Source Database Conference”, which is great and quite accurate, as there are a lot of different database systems represented.  The name is not new though…. Georg Richter, Zak Greant and I started a conference by that name well over a decade ago.

The inaugural edition of what we then called OpenDBcon in 2005 saw, among others, Gregory Burd (BerkelyDB, Sleepycat), Josh Berkus, Gavin Sherry and Peter Eisentraut (PostgreSQL), Fred Toussi (HSQLDB), Dan Debrunner (Derby), D.Richard Hipp from SQLite, people from Firebird, many people from MySQL AB and the MySQL Community, and special guest newcomer Ingres which was about to get open sourced (Feb 2006). Read more