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2019 MariaDB Developers Unconference New York Presentations

The 2019 New York MariaDB Developers UnConference was hosted by Hudson River Trading, on February 23 and February 24.

Yoshinori speaking on Day 2 of the Unconference

Below are a list of the sessions with links to slides where available (some were discussions with no slides). This post will be updated as slides/video become available.

Day One

  • State of the Infra (Teodor Ionita)
  • The Path of the Query (Sergei Golubchik)
  • How to write your first patch (Anel Husaković) – slides
  • How to write a simple plugin for MariaDB ((Vicențiu Ciorbaru)
  • GSoC Projects and what can we do better (Vicențiu Ciorbaru) – slides
  • ALTER TABLE improvements in MariaDB 10.4 (Marko) – slides
  • Account Locking and Password Expiration (Robert Bîndar) – slides
  • Buildbot gatekeeping and staging on main repo (Teodor Ionita)
  • Debian/Ubuntu debug and packaging overview (Faustin) – slides

Day Two

  • MyRocks: recent feature add-ons (Yoshinori Matsunobu)
  • Query optimizer in MariaDB 10.4 (Sergei Petrunia) – slides
  • Shutdown refactoring in 10.4 (Sergey Vojtovich)
  • Lessons for the Optimizer from TPC-DS Benchmark run (Sergei Petrunia) – slides
  • Static, dynamic code security checks & fuzzing (Teodor Ionita)
  • The open source roadmap of in 2019 (Rasmus Johansson)
  • XtraBackup at Alibaba Cloud (Fungo Wang) – slides
  • Columnstore: significant changes and future projects (Roman Nozdrin)
  • Alibaba plan to open source Double-Sync Replication/MySQL-Raft Replication and latest Flashback improvements (Lixun Peng)
  • MariaDB ColumnStore Scalability and Transactions (Sasha V) – slides
  • Backup in MariaDB (Monty Widenius)

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