2019 MariaDB Developers Unconference Shanghai Presentations

The 2019 Shanghai MariaDB Developers Unconference is being hosted by Microsoft Shanghai, from 19 November. Slides will be added to this post as they become available.

Day One

Day Two

  • The customization features of MariaDB Spider in Tencent Games (Will Han)
  • Memory management Conventional query/PS/SP (Oleksandr)
  • MariaDB Feature Plan: RecycleBin for DDL (Lixun Peng)
  • TBA (Alexey)
  • MariaDB Server 10.5 InnoDB Status & Future Roadmap (Marko)
  • TenDB Cluster operator on kubernetes (Jam Xia)
  • Discussion – AEP for InnoDB (Lixun)
  • Work items, async io and timers – Innodb threadpool design MDEV-16264 (Vlad)
  • 10.5 and future roadmaps (Monty)