MyTile: a cloud-native storage engine based on TileDB

This video was presented at the MariaDB Server Fest, held online from 14-20 September 2020.

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MyTile is a new MariaDB storage engine built on top of TileDB Embedded. TileDB is a universal storage engine that supports sparse and dense multi-dimensional arrays in a lock-free multi-reader/multi-writer manner. It is cloud native with support for S3, GCS, Azure blob store and more. In this talk we will highlight some of the technical details, features and use cases of this new storage engine.


Seth Shelnutt is the CTO of TileDB, Inc. He developed the MyTile storage engine along with a Spark driver, a PrestoDB connector and many other integrations of the TileDB embedded library. He also leads the product development for TileDB Cloud, the SaaS offering from TileDB, Inc. Before TileDB, Seth was at Sprint where he got interested in large-scale database systems dealing firsthand with challenges of storing large telecommunication datasets and led the development of an prototype MariaDB storage engine.

Date and time

  • Paris: Monday 14 September, 15.45 – 16.15 CEST (UTC +2)
  • New York: Tuesday 15 September, 16.50 – 17.20 / 4.50pm – 5.20pm EDT (UTC -4)