MariaDB Server Fest 2021 – CFP – Make a submission

The Call for Papers for MariaDB Server Fest 2021 is open until the end of Sunday 22 August 2021. We’d like you to put in a submission.

MariaDB Server 10.6 hit Stable recently and the Server Engineering Team is quite proud of some of the innovation there. During the MariaDB Server Fest and we’ll be listening to some those.

The innovation that we’d like to hear from is yours. Users of MariaDB everywhere are applying innovation in the way they use MariaDB all the time. Your innovation may include new technologies integrated with MariaDB, new topographies, or new architectures, and presenting on how you have used these to solve the real problems would be ideal for our Server Fest. You may have also used new features and put these into production in ways that haven’t happened before. Sharing these ideas enriches everyone!

If you have an idea of anything you have done recently that was fun, interesting, scary or exciting with MariaDB, please put in a submission for our MariaDB Server Fest 2021 and share the experience with your fellow MariaDB community. We’re looking forward to your submission.

A small Sea Lion Festival, warm and friendly, attributes that MariaDB Server Fest 2021 aims to embrace.
Photo Credit: “Mike” Michael L. Baird,
California Sea Lions, Zalophus californianus, in the harbor of Morro Bay.