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MariaDB 10.1.18 now available

The MariaDB project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB 10.1.18. This is a Stable (GA) release. See the release notes and changelog for details.

Download MariaDB 10.1.18

Release Notes Changelog What is MariaDB 10.1?

MariaDB APT and YUM Repository Configuration Generator

Thanks, and enjoy MariaDB!


  1. juke juke

    your download links at least for windows aren’t working. 🙁

    • 2016-10-03    

      The mirror you were using probably just hadn’t pulled in the release yet.

  2. adnan adnan

    and here is my dumb question. i have 10.1.16. how to upgrade to 10.1.18

  3. serge serge

    for downloaded mariadb-10.1.18.tar.gz and mariadb-10.1.18-linux-x86_64.tar.gz md5 and sha1 do not match with the values from download page. please check.

    • 2016-10-15    

      They’re matching for me. Which mirror and browser are you using? Thanks.

      • serge serge

        It appeared to be Firefox problem. I downloaded in FF 3 times and all the times got corrupted tar files with different check sums.
        Then I switched to IE and problem dissipated. Check sums matched. Thanks.

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