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MariaDB 10.2.18 and MariaDB Connector/Node.js 2.0.0 now available

The MariaDB Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of MariaDB 10.2.18, the latest stable release in the MariaDB 10.2 series, as well as MariaDB Connector/Node.js 2.0.0, the second alpha release of the new 100% JavaScript non-blocking MariaDB client for Node.js, compatible with Node.js 6+. See the release notes and changelogs for details.

Download MariaDB 10.2.18

Release Notes Changelog What is MariaDB 10.2?

MariaDB APT and YUM Repository Configuration Generator

MariaDB Connector/Node.js 2.0.0

Release Notes Changelog About MariaDB Connector/Node.js

Contributors to MariaDB 10.2.18

Alexander Barkov (MariaDB Corporation)
Alexey Botchkov (MariaDB Corporation)
Anel Husakovic (MariaDB Foundation)
Ben Rubson
Daniel Bartholomew (MariaDB Corporation)
Daniel Black (IBM)
Daniele Sciascia (Codership)
Elena Stepanova (MariaDB Corporation)
Eugene Kosov (Tempesta)
Faustin Lammler (MariaDB Foundation)
Galina Shalygina (MariaDB Corporation)
Ian Gilfillan (MariaDB Foundation)
Igor Babaev (MariaDB Corporation)
Jacob Mathew (MariaDB Corporation)
Jan Lindström (MariaDB Corporation)
Julius Goryavsky
Mario Karuza (Codership)
Marko Mäkelä (MariaDB Corporation)
Michael Widenius (MariaDB Corporation and MariaDB Foundation)
Ming Lin
Oleksandr Byelkin (MariaDB Corporation)
Olivier Bertrand
Otto Kekäläinen (MariaDB Foundation)
Rasmus Johansson (MariaDB Corporation)
Sachin Setiya (MariaDB Corporation)
Sergei Golubchik (MariaDB Corporation)
Sergei Petrunia (MariaDB Corporation)
Sergey Vojtovich (MariaDB Foundation)
Teemu Ollakka (Codership)
Teodor Mircea Ionita (MariaDB Foundation)
Thirunarayanan Balathandayuthapani (MariaDB Corporation)
Varun Gupta (MariaDB Corporation)
Vasil Dimov (Codership)
Vicențiu Ciorbaru (MariaDB Foundation)
Vladislav Vaintroub (MariaDB Corporation)
36 Contributors

Thanks, and enjoy MariaDB!
MariaDB 10.2.18 now available

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