MariaDB Foundation financial report for 2015

The 2015 accounting for the MariaDB Foundation has been completed and the key figures are:

  • Total income: 272 827,95 USD
  • Total expenses: 276 684,73 USD
  • Net income after adjustments: 1 337,34 USD

Staff costs were about 240 000 USD. Travel costs were only about 3 000 USD. The remaining 35 000 USD is administration (accounting, finances, legal) and other expenses. As some of our staff cost is also administration (mostly the CEO) we can estimate that about 83 % (230k out of 276k) goes to software development related activities (including documentation and packaging), so we are quite efficient on how the funds are used.

MariaDB Foundation expenses 2015

As the foundation is not supposed to make any profit the small 1337 USD surplus matches the goal for keeping our finances balanced.

A reminder that the report about our activities in 2015 has already been published in the blog back in January 2016, which covers what the Foundation staff did.

All of the Foundation income consists of donations from companies and individuals all over the world. The single biggest sponsor was, followed by Visma and the MariaDB Corporation. We thank all our sponsors for supporting the MariaDB Foundation and thus ensuring continuity and open collaboration in the MariaDB ecosystem.

Remember that the MariaDB Foundation is only a very small core of a gigantic ecosystem. For example, a large number of all WordPress sites in the world (~50 million sites) have their data served by a MariaDB database server and, for example, Wikipedia, the 5th most popular website in the world, runs their gigantic wiki database completely on top of MariaDB.

If you use MariaDB, please donate to the MariaDB Foundation to help ensure the open and collaborative development can continue to prosper.