UBI based Docker Official Images

We launched Red Hat UBI based Docker Official Images for MariaDB! These are available on Docker Hub with tags containing ubi including lts-ubi.

The MariaDB plc folks suggested this would be good for enterprise users. After dusting of an old prototype, jointly developing the image, a couple of requests for packages into the UBI repository, and running through our test suite for compatibility testing, there is now an image available for everyone that will be maintained.

Attention to the Red Hat Open Shift Certification Policy made some compliance changes to the UBI based MariaDB image.

The container entrypoint and healthcheck scripts are identical to the previous (and still current) Ubuntu based images. This makes the UBI images to be a drop in replacement for those just using the container.

We welcome, and look forward to, your feedback. As always, contributions and collaboration are also welcome, look for issues labeled “good first issue” or reach out to us here.

None of this works without community contributions, so to briefly recognize the contributors:

  • Ben Greiser from MariaDB plc for the key concepts of OpenShift certification compliance and UBI minimal Dockerfile;
  • Martin Montes for testing with the MariaDB Operator in OpenShift environments;
  • Tianon Gravi from Docker Inc. for reviewing and some very helpful suggestions to improve the container to best practices; and
  • Red Hat management and engineers for the insight to release base images that are able to be redistributed, and flexibility in willingness to include additional appstream packages for MariaDB.